HEXEUM AZ80600-W Astronomical Telescope

HEXEUM AZ80600-W Astronomical Telescope Review


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Imagine having the power to reach for the stars from your own backyard! That's what the HEXEUM Telescope 80mm Aperture 600mm promises. It's perfect for anyone with a curiosity for the cosmos, whether you're a budding young astronomer or an adult with a passion for the night sky. This telescope comes with high-quality optics and multiple magnification eyepieces, making it a breeze to zoom in on the moon or distant galaxies.

Plus, it's super portable with a handy carrying bag, and setting it up is a piece of cake—no tools needed. With the added bonus of a phone adapter and wireless control, capturing and sharing those celestial snapshots is easier than ever. It's not just a telescope; it's your ticket to an astronomical adventure!

Performance & Functionality

Performance & Functionality

When I first got my hands on the HEXEUM Telescope, I was stoked to see the stars up close. With its 80mm aperture, it's like having super vision at night. The stars and moon look so bright and clear, it's unreal! I've used the 25mm eyepiece to get a wide view of the sky and switched to the 10mm for zooming in on the moon's craters. It's like having a power-up with the 3x Barlow lens, making everything look three times closer.

80mm aperture

Carrying it around is a breeze. It fits right into the bag, and setting it up is no sweat, even if you're new to telescopes. Plus, snapping pics of the stars with my phone attached to the telescope makes me feel like a space photographer.

I've been using this telescope for months now, and it's still going strong. No signs of wear and tear, and it performs just as well as day one. It's my go-to gadget for star parties or just chilling in the backyard, gazing at the cosmos. Totally lives up to the hype!

Telescope 80mm Aperture 600mm - Astronomical Portable Refracting

Pros & Cons

- Excellent Quality Optics: The 80mm aperture and 600mm focal length mean it's great for capturing clear and bright images of celestial objects.
- Optimum Magnification: Comes with two eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens, which is awesome because you can see the moon really up close, like 72 or even 180 times closer!
- Portable and Convenient: It's got a phone adapter and a tripod, plus it's wireless and comes with a bag, so taking it on adventures is a breeze.
- Easy to Set Up: No tools needed, which is super handy for quick stargazing sessions.
- Satisfaction Quality: Lifetime maintenance is a big plus, and having customer service ready to help is reassuring.

- Weight Details Missing: It doesn't say how heavy it is, which could be important to know if you plan to carry it around a lot.
- No Warranty: There's no warranty info provided, so if something goes wrong, you might be on your own.
- Limited Information on Use: While it's easy to set up, more guidance on how to use it to its full potential would be helpful for beginners.

Overall, it seems like a solid choice for both newbies and experienced stargazers who want a portable and user-friendly telescope. Just keep in mind the few details that are missing when making your decision.

Value for Money

Value for Money

When it comes to telescopes, getting the most bang for your buck is key, especially if you're just starting out or are on a budget. The HEXEUM telescope seems like a solid deal. It's got a decent aperture of 80mm, which is big enough to gulp down light from the night sky and show off the moon's craters and maybe even Jupiter's moons on a clear night. The 600mm focal length is pretty standard and should give you a nice, wide view of the stars.

The fact that it comes with two eyepieces is a bonus because it means you can switch between a wider view and a more zoomed-in look without having to buy anything extra. The 3x Barlow lens is like a little power-up for your eyepieces, tripling their magnification. So, if you're trying to get a closer peek at the moon's surface, this will definitely come in handy.

Portability is a big plus. You can pack it up in the carrying bag and take it on trips, which is great for stargazing away from city lights. The setup seems easy too, which is a relief because nobody wants to spend hours fiddling with parts in the dark.

The lifetime maintenance offer suggests that the company stands behind their product, which is reassuring. It's hard to say without knowing the price, but based on these features, it sounds like a good investment for both newbies and seasoned stargazers who want a portable option. Just remember, the best telescope is the one you'll actually use, so if this one ticks all your boxes, it might just be worth the price.


When looking for telescopes similar to the HEXEUM 80mm Aperture 600mm, there are a few cool options out there. For instance, the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ is a hit with beginners. It's got a 70mm aperture and a 900mm focal length, which means it's great for checking out the moon and even some planets. It's also pretty easy to handle and doesn't need tools to set up.

Another popular choice is the Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope. This one's a reflector telescope, so it's a bit different from the HEXEUM refractor. It has a 4.5-inch aperture and comes fully assembled, so you can start stargazing right away. Plus, it's compact and lightweight, making it perfect for impromptu astronomy adventures.

Both of these alternatives offer a fun and educational experience for anyone interested in exploring the night sky, just like the HEXEUM telescope does. They're user-friendly and come with helpful features, so it's all about finding the one that best fits your space exploration dreams!

The Final Verdict

If you're into stargazing or beginning astronomy, this telescope seems like a solid choice. It's got great optics and magnification to get you up close to celestial objects. Plus, it's portable and easy to set up, which is perfect for impromptu star parties. The phone adapter is a cool bonus for snapping pics of the moon and planets. No tools needed means more time exploring the sky. And hey, lifetime maintenance? That's peace of mind. So, if the stars have been calling your name, this telescope might just be your ticket to the cosmos.